November 26, 2022

An Indoor Session with a New Model

A undeniable fact is that it is becoming increasingly uncommon to find new people to photograph; whether this is due to the continued fall-out from COVID-19, my age (now mid-50's) or my approach (which admittedly is completely passive, hoping people will see my work and approach me about modeling), I cannot say, but when I got a message from Y_ asking about modeling, I was more than happy to meet up and discuss my process. After a lovely chat, and reviewing my images in print (which is SO much better than online/digitally), Y_ confirmed her interest, and we committed to making some images...sometime soon!

Digital infrared original

As Y_ lives hours away from Halifax, it was some time between our first meeting to discuss working together, and her next time in the area, but once she confirmed her plans, we put our heads together, and arranged to meet up for a first session.  Though my obvious preference is to work outdoors, given the time of year, we had to be practical, and work indoors. I brought studio lighting with me, but as it turned out, the Air B&B Y_ was staying had had wonderful natural light, and the entire session was spent working with that.

Digital infrared original
My favourite thing about working with natural light is it is quite similar to my approach to working in landscape; I spent much of the session hunting for a composition based upon what is available before me (unlike studio photography, which is a lot about setting the light as you wish, and then working with the model to make the most of the light). The best part of this location was it had a large bare wall, which I spent most of the session working with; with large windows to my left and right, this gave a wonderful wrap-around lighting effect which really worked well with Y's figure.
Digital infrared original

The last images of the session were made on a dark leather couch below a large window - this gave some wonderful textures to contrast Y_'s skin, and presented some different pose possibilities, when compared to working against the wall. 

Overall the session was really pleasing. Y_ is a delight to work with, and have a wonderful work ethic and buckets of enthusiasm. Given her location, I am not sure how often we will get a chance to work together, but I look forward to taking what we made today, and putting it in a more natural setting!

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