September 23, 2019

A Final Session in the Forest (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Since Hailey and I first worked together in 2018, we have worked almost exclusively at the coast, with a focus on working in water (following her passion on that front). For this session, I suggested we try working with something new, and work in a forest close to Halifax.

Digital infrared original

The fascinating realization that came out early in the session was that Hailey's spent little to no time in forests; she grew up in the Canadian North, and found all the trees, underbrush and ferns quite overwhelming. It was not possible to convey this in the images we made, but her constant wonder and surprise at the nature of the landscape she was in was a definite undertone to the session.

Digital infrared original

Though I have worked in Nova Scotia forests for several decades, I still find them challenging settings to photograph - trees are, ultimately, big vertical sticks, and as such can be quite challenging to photograph a model with. Fortunately, in the area we were working in, a fair number of the trees has some shape (or in the above case, lean) to them, which provided some inspiration to work with.

Digital infrared original

The final images of the session were created with the intention of merging them into a single photograph. Hailey commented that it was too bad there wasn't another model available to pose with (given that for many of the sessions we've had together have had two or even three models, this was not an unusual thing) - I then proposed she could model with herself, using the magic of digital. Thus the last composition of the session was created.

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