September 01, 2019

A Butterfly House (New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island)

Digital original, three frame focus stack
By far my favourite part of this trip to PEI was the discovery of a Butterfly House in the Gardens of Hope, New Glasgow. I'd wanted to go to the butterfly house in Halifax (at the Nova Scotia Museum) but never have managed to make the planning work...but in this case, we arrived at the garden about an hour before the butterfly house there was more than enough time to photograph.
Digital original, two frame focus stack
Tough I had my tripod with me, there was just too much congestion (between the butterflies and the people) to set it up, so I photographed hand-held for the entire time, but that didn't stop me from making numerous focus stacked images!
Digital original, two frame focus stack
One of the last images I made in the butterfly house was also one of the most pleasing focus blends - I made two images, one of each butterfly, and then manually combined the images together, to better reflect what my eye saw.
Digital original
The last images of the day were of a beautiful gray heron hunting in the evening light - not easy to photograph, even with a 420mm lens.

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