May 19, 2019

Iris Portraits (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original, 7 image focus stack
After my earlier garden explorations, where focus stacking was used a little, in a manual implementation, when the iris began to bloom, I returned to the garden, but this time with a focusing rail, ready to do things correctly.
Digital original, 31 image focus stack
I was fortunate that the morning was almost breathless, as the tall plant was quite prone to waiving in the wind...but with some patience, and a lot of "oh well, let's start again", I managed to make a number of very pleasing focus stacks - mostly of details of the lovely flower.
Digital original, 34 image focus stack
The most obvious outcome of the exploration of focus stacking with living subjects is that repetition is the name of the game - but I also wonder about getting some power cords, and trying the Stackshot - I suspect it would be faster than working manually, and while working with a laptop outdoors would have challenges, it might just be worth the hassle!

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