May 10, 2019

A Spring Garden (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original, 2 image focus blend
This is my first year with a truly planted garden (where plants were selected and then planted as bulbs or seeds, so it is quite exciting to see the new life sprouting from the ground, and photograph it.
Digital original, 3 image focus stack
Combined with this new found interest in foliage is a realization that focus stacking, long a staple in my indoor macro work, has to be brought into the greater outdoors, as the large aperture backgrounds are so lovely and seductive...but lead to too little depth of field for any of the flowers...thus this session was primarily focused on manual focus stacking.
Digital original, 8 image focus stack
As the photography progressed however, I recalled how much I love focus stacking, so by the last images (of plants close to the ground, like the above image of a Lady's Mantle leaf just beginning to spread) I used extensive focus stacking...but next time, I shall tackle the garden with a focusing rail!

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