October 25, 2017

A Fall Session with Ingrd (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
As October moves towards its end, a warm day occurred, and Ingrid and I lept at the chance for one more outdoor session. We have worked outdoors in the fall before, and I found Ingrid's colouring to work particularity well with fall colours.
Digital infrared original
I always try my infrared camera, even when a session (like this one) is expected to focus on colour. While the fallen leaves lack some of the luminescence I;m used to seeing from foliage, I really like how the infrared camera renders the old tree Ingrid is lying upon, and of course, how it renders skin tones.
Digital original
The primary reson for selecting this location was the small stream that flows through the forest; I had hoped to make some photographs of leaves swirling in the water, but unlike my first visit, there was not a lot of water flow...so all I could find was this small swirl below a fallen tree.
Digital original, 4 image stitch
The last image (above) takes full advantage of my 17mm TS-E lens; using the shift feature, the composition is made up of 4 separate frames (sifted up+left, up+right, down+left and down+right). This not only increases the resolution of the image (from 50mp to 75mp) it also provides me with a dramatically wider angle of view - approaching 9mm on a full-frame camera!

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