September 14, 2017

The Citadelle of Quebec & the Old City at Night (Quebec City, Quebec)

Digital original
I was a little disappointed when I arrived at the Citadelle to discover it was an active millitary base, and thus (unlike for George, in Halifax) not available for casual viewing, or extensive has to take a tour, and on that, only a small portion of the fort was visited. All the same, I did what photography I could, as the tour moved around.
Digital original
As I wasn't able to actually explore the fort's architecture (casements etc), I focused on making images which would say "Quebec" - thus the above composition.
Digital original, 8 image mean blend
The last images of the day were made in Old Quebec; I'd worked out this composition earlier in the day, but wanted to do it as a night image, to get some of the magic of split lighting (man-made/natural). It took some time to create a version without any people, but the wait was worth it.

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