September 13, 2017

A day's Ramble (Quebec City, Quebec)

Digital original
With a warm and bright morning, we set off for a walk around Quebec City - first stop was unexpected - a sculpture along the waterfront by the grain elevators - quite a magical find.
Digital original
Father into the morning, I came across an interesting fountain - three pieces of bent steel, and I spent some time photographing it, using long exposures to both blur the water and remove passers by.
Digital original
The tourist density in Old Quebec during the fall was quite impressive - and perfect for a 2 minute exposure with a super long lens!
Digital original
After dinner, the evening light began to reveal some lovely texture on the walls of some of the older stone buildings in Quebec City.
Digital original
We crossed the St Lawrence River to Levis, to photograph the evening light & water show, with Quebec city in the distance. It was both fun and moment the light & water would be perfect, and by the time an exposure was begun, the moment would have passed.
Digital original, 4 image exposure blend
The last images of the night focused across the river, to Old Quebec, and Hotel Le Chateau Frontenac above it. It would have been great to have had the last light of sunset in the sky, but that light was long gone by this time.

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