July 30, 2017

Tall Ships Fireworks (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

This was actually my second night trying for the tall ships fireworks; the first night was fogged out. The good thing about that was that I knew where I wanted to be on the second night, so when it ended up being a warm, clear night, I was on the pier, waiting for the show to start.
Digital original
The first image was the only one with light on the tall ship in the foreground...as soon as the fireworks began, they turned off their lights...but I was 30 second into an exposure when they began the show, so I had some ambient light on the ship to go with the first volley of fireworks.

Digital original
From there forward, it was image after image, for over 200 frames...as the show progressed the sky filled with smoke, but as it took on the colours of the show, it wasn't that bad.
Digital original
The low-resolution files here don't show the full detail of these images, especially in the shadows, but they do give a good hint to how impressive the show was o made all the stronger for the tall ship in the foreground!


  1. WOW! Why am I still surprised by your work. I shouldn't be. These are so beautiful. As always.

    1. Hey Raymond, thanks for your feedback...I have always loved fireworks, but am often away when they are presented (as I was this year on July 1).

  2. Eric you haven't lost it buddy..Excellent shots.

  3. These are amazing. great work, Eric!


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