July 01, 2017

A Waterfall (Indian Falls, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
I've been to Indian Falls before, but never really photographed it seriously, so on this visit, I explored the potential of the river (as it is a well-signed and easily accessible space, it will never work as a location to work with models, but I didn't see that as a reason to ignore it all together).
Digital original
After making some images of the rapids, I walked downstream (below the man-made dam) and set up to explore the potential of super-long exposures below the falls, where there was a significant amount of white foam on the water. It turned out to be quite pleasing - and without a breath of wind, the foliage on the far shore stayed completely still, for the most part.
Digital original, 2 image exposure blend
The final images were made back up by the falls, focused on the small water pools that lined the edge of the river. Overall, I really enjoyed working with the river, but (as is always the case) I wished I had a model to work in the space, to really made some images that would sing.

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