June 04, 2017

Fort George (the Citadel) (Halifax, Nova Scotia).

Digital original, 9 image exposure blend
My first blog entry, from May, 19, 1997, was focused on image of York Redoubt, and dates from 11 years after I received my first camera; this entry is being made 20 years later, and I still love photographing the military structures that define Halifax. My tools have changed (from film to digital), but my passion has not diluted.
Digital original, 9 image exposure blend
An interesting fact, when looking at these images, and reflecting on where I started with my architectural images, is that they were made with the exact same aesthetic as my early film images (dramatic spacious image of spaces filled with light) - and yet they never could have been made in the age of film. Relying upon exposure blending (also called HDR), these colour photograph have a range of tones could never have been recorded on film!

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