May 19, 1997

York Redoubt (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

6x12 cm film
The spring so far is most dismal where the weather is concerned. Every second day seems like it's raining, and all I can do is hope for sunny weekends. Luck was with me on the Victoria Day weekend, however, and on Monday I set off for York Redoubt to do some images of the York Shore Battery. Though I did make a fair number of images on 4"x5" film, almost all those that I felt really strongly about were made on roll film - I'm not sure if this has as much to do with strong imagery as much as fascination with a new toy, but regardless, I got some images worth the effort.
6x12 cm film
One of the strongest images of the day, and so far this one has really stuck with me, was of disconnected power pipes. To be honest, the shot screamed for colour film, so in the future I may re-approach it with that in the film-back. The exposure was long - 15 seconds, but I've pretty much worked out reciprocity failure, so the neg. is excellent. I am going to let this image sit for a while, but I suspect it'll end up as a large print somewhere on my walls. The act of putting a photo of a wall on a wall has always pleased me!
4"x5" film
The upshot of the afternoon was that new toys still fascinate me. The wide angle 65mm super-angulon lens in combination with the 120 roll back is constantly in use, but hopefully very shortly, it will simply become a possibility in my tool-set rather than the dominant instrument.

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