August 09, 2014

A Session with a touch of Matrimony (Elmsdale, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
Jenn had asked months earlier if I'd be interested and willing to do a session with a veil theme; she was getting married, and wanted to model with her veil, and her mother's veil. An interesting proposition, and one that lead to some great results.
Digital original
A second image from the veil session, this one working more with the light, than the shape.
Digital infrared original, two frame stitch
At the same time as I was working with Jenn, a friend of hers, K_ was along for company. K_ and I had worked together last fall, and this session (after Jenn and I were through working with the veil) was her first chance to work on her own.
Digital original
The last work of the session was Jenn and K_ posing together; the narrow couch limited the pose possibilities, but what little time we had was put to good work.

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