June 27, 2013

A Replica Fort (Louisburg, Cape Breton)

Digital original, two frame stitch
The last time I visited Louisbourg was in 2002 when I was still working with film. The first image of this trip points out the difference the new digital world can make; using my 17mm tilt-shift, I made two exposures, one with the lens shifted all the way left, and another all the way right - then in post I put the two frames together, effectively producing an image with about a 10mm angle of view. With film, this would have been impossible (even ignoring the fact it is in colour, and I only worked in B&W the last time I was here).
Digital original
This image has almost the same point of view as the above photograph, but made with a 400mm lens, it has more than 40 times more magnification, focusing on the distant spire and crenulations, as opposed to the moat in front of me.
Digital original
Walking through the Governor's Apartments and the King's Bastion Barracks, I enjoyed working with the natual light, coming through the relatively small windows. The rich directional light was great to work with - the only thing that would have made it better would have been a model (in period clothing of course) to set into the scene.

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