June 15, 2013

An Evening on the Island (Charlettown, Prince Edward Island)

Digital original
After a day of teaching, a friend and I walked around Charlottetown , photographing in the quiet light of the early evening. As I often do, I alternated between working with my widest and longest lenses - the above photograph of the back of the legislature being made with my 400mm lens.
Digital original, 3 frame exposure blend, 2 frame stitch
One of the last images of the walk around town was this celebration of these stairs. I really like the simple, clean facade of the building, but the flowing steps coming down from the main door present a great contrast to work with photographically.
Digital original
After driving north from Charlottetown, a friend and I waited on the north shore of PEI for the sunset; fortune shone on us, and the moon rose shortly before, providing a great contrast in the sky as it darkened with the end of the day.

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