April 22, 2012

A Lingerie Workshop (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original
This was the first image made during the photograph portion of a lingerie workshop I enrolled in (more out of curiosity than any interested in lingerie photos). The model who was booked for the workshop was a no-shop, and the attendees were waiting for a pinch-hitting model to arrive...but the window in the hotel room was lovely!
Digital infrared original
It was a little surreal photographing a model in lingerie in the lobby of a hotel on a Sunday morning, but it was basically empty, and the model was comfortable, so there was no real issue. The infrared camera made the surroundings much darker than it appeared in to the eye.
Digital original
I really like the juxtaposition of the lingerie model in the hotel's male washroom. During the making of this image, I mentioned this was the first time I'd ever seriously photographed a model in lingerie; then I mentioned I had photographed the Nude for more than 25 year....that received a raised eye-brow from the model.

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