April 20, 2012

A First Time Session (West Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
A_ contacted me to ask if I'd be interested in working with her; after some back and forth, we set of a time, crossed our fingers for good weather, and when the day dawned cool and wet, we opted to work indoors.

Almost by default, when I work in doors, I fall back on one of two approached - portraits, or super shallow depth of field. In this case, I did both, but it was the shallow depth of field which really shone.
Digital original
Working indoors is like a double-edged sword; it is perfect for poor weather, but by the same token, most poor weather brings with it poor (meaning low) light. This is probably one of the reason I tend to fall back on shallow depth of field so often when working in doors - but when I come across a composition like the above, I question why I'd make it with more depth of field, even if I could.

The last image of the session was actually inspired by a reflection I caught of A_ in her television; it took some effort to move the TV and get the camera to have the same view, but it was worth it, making one of the few full-body compositions of the session.
Digital original, four frame stitch

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