July 15, 2010

Claire at the Coast

Digital infrared original
There’s a simple beauty in the above portrait, made a little over an hour into our first time working together, that can only be rooted in Claire’s enjoyment of the process. The large aperture portrait lens (an 85mm f/1.2) helped provide some of the mood, but the simple joy on Claire's face is the real hero of the image!
Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
There are times when everything comes together perfectly in a single image, and the above photograph of Claire reclining in a shallow water pool is one of those. The sky above was clear and bright blue, but in infrared, the blue turned dark, and the faint, wispy clouds separated themselves from the horizon, and presented a very different result. I can make one image like this a year, I am a very happy photographer.
Digital infrared original
The last portion of the session was spent with Claire working in the ocean; not many models have the fortitude or enthusiasm to spend much time in the Atlantic Ocean, but it was obvious Claire really enjoyed herself. The only reason the above has an element of contemplation is that I was continually photographing as she moved around in the water, and managed to capture a moment of reflection between more expressive images.

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