July 01, 2010

South West England XVII -Canada Day in South West England

Digital, 8 frame exposure blend
The east window of Worcester Cathedral was a beautiful example of early English Gothic; with the 17mm tilt-shift, and careful exposure blending, I managed to capture some of the beauty of the space. The ceiling of the nave at Worcester was an interesting contrast to many of the ceilings I had seen over this week; only the bosses (where the arches meet) and a very small part of the arches were painted; regardless, it was a beautiful ceiling to photograph.
Digital, 10 frame exposure blend, 2 frame stitch
Though the focus of this week was on exploring the interior of religious gothic architecture, I did, when the time and setting worked out, work with the infrared camera and the buildings I was spending so much time within.
Digital infrared
In most cases, the cathedrals and abbeys I was photographing were in large towns and cities, and there was just too many urban elements for my aesthetics. With Tewksbury Abbey however, the landscape around the building was perfect, as was the sky!
Digital, 16 frame exposure blend, 2 frame stitch
The ceiling over the altar at Tewksbury Abbey is incredible to behold; the luminosity of the room, the lightness of the architecture, and the bold colours  all came together to make an incredible space. Even with the 17mm tilt-shift lens, exposure blending and multi-image stitching, it is hard to convey the incredible beauty of the space.

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