June 30, 2010

South West England XIV - Bath Abbey

Digital original, 4 image exposure blend
I will forever be grateful to the kindness of Bath Abbey; during the arrangements around my visit, they suggested I arrive an hour before their regular opening time, so I'd have time in the building undisturbed, before a gaggle of school children arrived mind-morning. That was such a precious gift, and set the tone for the whole day!
Digital infrared, 7 image exposure blend
At the heart of the beauty of Bath Abbey is the stone it is built from - an oolitic limestone which is light in colour, and carves beautifully. Combined with the large perpendicular windows above the lower level, the building is bright light in feeling, for all that is build of blocks of stone.
Digital original, 6 image exposure blend
The most beautiful feature of the abbey is the fav vaulting, installed in the 1860's by Sir George Gilbert Scott. The work was not merely a fanciful aesthetic addition but a completion of the original design, and compliments the rest of the building beautifully.
Digital original
After a full morning of photography, I spent a final half-hour exploring the outside with my camera, and caught this nice moment of a pigeon taking a bath...in Bath!
Digital original
After spending the morning working in the Abbey, I had little time to photograph Bath itself (and never even attempted to visit the Roman Baths)...but I did take a little time to photograph the river behind the Abbey.

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