June 19, 2010

Landing in England

This marked the first day of a two-week long visit to Britain; the first week was spent leading a photo tour of Cornwall, while the second was to be spent photographing gothic cathedrals and abbeys throughout the South-West of Britain.
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This trip marked my first return to the United Kingdom since I was a child (30 years earlier), when I lived in the city of York for a while. Since that time, I have always had a strong draw to the UK, both in terms of the arts (music in particular) and history. The City of York has one of the best gothic cathedrals in Europe, and is the root of much of my affection for photographing architecture.

After the overnight flight to London, I met up with most of the photographers attended the tour, and together we set off in a rental car. With the primary goal of getting out of London, and too our accommodations for the next week, the only significant stop was in Exeter; though the city has a beautiful cathedral, I purposely avoided it, knowing there wouldn't be time to explore it photographically. Instead, we parked downtown, and went to have lunch in a pub, which came complete with a lovely marble statue.
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After dinner, the students and I agreed it would be a good idea to stretch our legs for a bit before resuming our journey west, so we walked around the town for a fifteen minutes or so, cameras in hand, photographing what caught the eye.

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