November 21, 2009

A Day of Photography (Suris, Prince Edward Island)

Digital original, 6 image exposure blend
The primary reason for this trip to Prince Edward Island was to assist a photographer who was having challenging with her commercial photography; as part of the training, we visited the local church she frequently did weddings at - and as soon as we walked in, I knew what the primary challenge was - the building, while beautiful, has to be one of the darkest churches I have ever been in. Fortunately, with a tripod in hand, this is not an issue!
Digital infrared original
As soon as I saw the bridge between these two wharves, I knew I wanted to make an image from the middle of the bridge overlooking them both. The late autumn sky was relatively bright, and would have been pretty featureless when viewed with a conventional camera, but in infrared, the scene changed dramatically, shifting the sky towards a much more threatening role in the final composition.
Digital original
The last set of images of the evening were focused on working with the swiftly moving water - in the above case, a 30 second exposure blurred the river so much there is no distinction between the dry sand and the wet!

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