November 08, 2009

Cape Breton II (Cabot Trail, Cape Breton)

Digital original
The best part of the second day in Cape Breton was that it was covered with a light dusting of snow - not enough to accumulate in the valleys, but just the right amount to cover the hills, and set off the lovely colour of the winter trees.
Digital original
It was just by pure chance that I arrived at this highway look-off at the exact moment of sunset - in face, as it was, by the time the camera was set up and the image was made, the glow in the sky had faded noticeably.
Digital original, 2 image exposure blend
One of the frustrations I frequently have when working with landscape is how important the uncontrollable is (in this case, the weather). While this image is very pleasing, and works quite well, without the dramatic sky, it would be rather lack-lustre, bringing to the fore the question of what makes a good photograph - the photographer, or chance?

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