August 12, 2009

Noushka's First Session (Dawson's Brook, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original
Noushka learned of my work through our mutual friend Miles (the model in Rivergod I and Rivergod II, among other images), so when she planned a visit to Nova Scotia, a photo session was part of the plan. The day we had to work together dawned sunny and bright, so we headed inland, to work in a well forested river - hoping for shade.
Digital infrared original
As it happened, for most of the session, Noushka and I did our best to work around the hard sunlight - even in the thickly wooded location, it was challenging to get out of the direct sunlight. Fortunately, the water drops glistening on her skin were the perfect subject for a number of images.
Digital infrared original, 2 image stitch
We made some more traditional water nudes towards the end of Noushka’s first session. We worked by the side of the falls where the stones around her were naturally dark and wet. The combination of the rocks, and the way the infrared camera rendered Noushka’s pale skin made Noushka’s pale skin even lighter, yielding a very dramatic result.

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