August 12, 2009

Miranda & Sagira on a Beach at Night (Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia)

Digital original

This beach session began after dark, with a beach fire being lit, and wood being tossed on it until it grew bright enough to photograph by. Though we experimented with various poses, in the end, a simple embrace proved to make the best image of the session; there was something distinctly "pagan" about two women standing naked by a fire at night
Digital original
After working around the first for a bit, we shifted to some more "fun" images - Mirada with glow sticks, and Sagira with sparklers.
Digital original, 2 image exposure blend
The real reason for going to the beach was to try some outdoor painting with light with Miranda and Sagira below a star-trail filled shy; I've done lots of painting with light and night photography before, but never combined with the Nude. The process proved to be challenging; it was nearly impossible to pose the models (I couldn't really see them), challenging to move around them to paint them with light, and it turned out we were still too close to Halifax, which added a bight fog to the sky. In the end, it was something of a failed experiment, but I could see it being a direction to purse, perhaps in a warmer climate.

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