June 26, 2009

A Lighthouse and Landscape (Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland)

Digital original, 5 frame exposure blend
During my first visit to Newfoundland (I say this in hopes of future visits!), I was loaned a truck to explore with, and made my way for sunset to the lighthouse at the mouth of Rocky Harbour. There was no way to photograph any closer to the light, and still see any of the water beyond, but as had the 17mm tilt-shift lens with me, it wasn’t an issue to shift the composition upwards, and make the most of the evening sky.
Digital original, 3 frame stitch
Although it is something of a cliche, I was really pleased to come across this ruined boat; after a 40 minute walk downhill, it was great to find such a wonderful foreground subject to set against the distant rise of the tablelands.
Digital original
On my walk back from the broken boat, I passed by a worn wharf, and was drawn to both the colours and textures of the weather wood and seaweed.

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