June 07, 2009

Elissa at the Coast (Prospect, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
The start of this session with Elissa was purposely focused on working with long lenses; I have become a little concerned with how much I love my ultra-wides when working with the Nude, so am going to make more effort to counter this with long-lens images. The above image takes full advantage of the shallow depth of field the 135mm lens offers at f/2!
Digital infrared original, 3 frame stitch
I’ve made a number of images with this particular rock, each time enjoying how it breaks the horizon and provides the model with something to work with. In this case, the beautiful angular light worked perfectly to contrast Eliasa’s smooth skin with the rich texture of the granite rocks.
Digital original, 2 frame exposure blend
For all my intention to push long lens images in this session, true to form I continually returned to the wides, preferring their ability to describe large, sweeping environments, and provide some context for the Nude.

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