December 08, 2008

Ryan & Jessica on A Sunny Afternoon

Digital infrared original
The happenstance of seeing some flare in an image minutes earlier lead to this image - for much of the winter, the sun in the afternoon comes right into my apartment, and with the camera in just the right place, the flare was just perfect. I made perhaps two dozen images of this composition to ensure that at least one had the flare in the perfect place.
Digital original
An interesting challenge of having worked with Ryan and Jessica together so often is that many of their mannerisms and interactions present mirrors of earlier images. In the case of the above image, i suspect I have more than a handful of similar moments, but none with the particularly soft light that we were working with during this session.
Digital original, 9 image stitch
For almost all my work with Ryan and Jessica, I have placed them against light walls, or worked with them on white sheets, so towards the end of this session, we shifted to working on a black comforter. I am not certain the results add much to the series, but it does provide some visual relief to the continual luminous surroundings of the other work, so in that way at least, it has some potential.

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