December 16, 2008

Ottawa by Night & Day

Digital original, 2 frame focus blend
During my stay with Miles in Ottawa, I took some time to photograph his curios; the above image of a chalice and shells was particularly pleasing, especially when I accentuated the shallow focus with a (reverse) focus blend - using a large aperture for the overall image, and then making a second with a smaller aperture - used only on the chalice and edge of the box.
Digital original
The second curio to catch my eye was a partial shell, cut in half to expose the inner architecture. I spent a more than half-hour working through many visual combinations and permutations with the shell, though most of the successful images focused solidly on the shell's interior, reducing it to an abstract or sorts.
Digital original
At the end of the evening, I went out for a walk around Ottawa, with camera in hand. I have always enjoyed night photography, and found the exploration of a new city (to me) really enjoyable...even though it was well below freezing.

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