January 17, 2007

H_'s Birthday Suit

This was from a first session with a new camera, and a first session with a new model. Harriette contacted me last week, asking if I’d be available to help her with some nudes to commemorate her birthday, so today, on her birthday, we spent 2.5 hours working together…with her in her birthday suit! The lens I used to make this image was a tilt-shit lens from Russia, which explains the shallow, selective focus.
Digital original, 2 frame stitch
Though she lived away from Halifax, she was planning a visit, and was hoping to spend some time celebrating herself as she moved past a milestone in her own life. Luck was with us, and after a short discussion about her goals for the session, we began working. Thought it was January, the light was bright and wrapped around her a H_ modeled in the sea of white sheets.
Digital original
By far my favorite images of the session were the portraits, both those made early in the session, which had a somewhat formal feel, and those made towards the end of the session, when H_ had really relaxed into the process, and lay stretched out in a bed of white.
Digital original, 25 frame stitch

Together, we made some lovely images, and I have just under 12gb of RAW files to edit through before I have a sense of where the best successes lie! While Harriette is leaving in under a month, I’m hoping to have the chance to work with her more over the coming weeks!

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