January 07, 2007

An Indoor Session with Christine

Digital original

This session was a mixed bag of work; the primary focus was to explore some ideas Christine had about using Pilates poses; she'd recently started working with them, and thought they might work well for my indoor figure work. That being said, we began with a series of portraits, building on the earlier ones I'd made of her outdoors.
Digital original, 7 frame stitch
As soon as we started working, I saw the potential - in some ways, it was a form of slow motion dance - the majority of the poses Christine held created a beautiful flow to the body, and it was easy to make a number of really pleasing images as she moved through the various positions she knew.
Digital original
The final part of the session was an even bigger experiment; after Christine applied a thin layer of baby oil to her skin, a thin mist of (warm) water was sprayed onto her, creating a layer of water drops; in some ways, I think this was a very strange blend (oil and water, after all), but if I an honest, the glittering water highlights on her skin worked really well in the luminous light of the room we worked in.

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