December 21, 2006

Reall Big Prints

My typical print sales are of 12"x18" prints, but recently a collector ordered a set of ten 30"x45" prints. Not owning a printer that could go that big, I worked with Atlantic Photo Supply, to proof and then print the final images.
The challenging of the project was that the order was a mix of digital and film photographs, but it was really pleasing how well the digital files held up at such a large degree of magnification.


  1. Where can we see the photographs that these large prints were taken from? A couple of them I don't recognize from your collection in this blog.

  2. Hey Raymond; the patron selected the prints from a whole set of images I sent for consideration...I usually post 3 images per session, though many more are made (40-120 or more, depending on the session).

    The top image is from
    The middle image is from
    The bottom image is from this session:


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