December 25, 2006

Celebrating 20 Years of Photography!

Digital original

This session marks the completion, to the day, of twenty years of photography, a milestone by any measurement. It was completely spontaneous that L_contacted me early in December, asking if I'd have time to work with her when she was in town for the holidays. After a bit of planning, it was decided that we'd have a session with her and her sister, Fern, on the exact anniversary of receiving my first camera two decades earlier.
Digital original, 16 image stitch
The session was planned for a couple of hours in the afternoon, so I put up a white sheet over a large sunlit window, and we worked with the beautifully diffused light coming through that. In many ways, this was a mirror of my second session working with L_ and Fern in 2002, which was also my first figure test of digital cameras (then a Canon D60).
Digital original, two image stitch
The vast majority of the images were nude portraits of the two, focusing on the affection and comfort that exists between the two sisters. I did make individual portraits of each sister, but with both of them present in the studio, it seemed a shame to spend time working with them separately, when they photograph so well together!

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  1. For someone who professes to have difficulty with colour pictures, you sure make to most wonderfully soft colour pictures. This one of the two sisters is a case in point.


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