May 14, 2006

An Architectural Moment

Photography of architecture has always been a passion of mine, though I have not worked with the subject much in recent years. I have completed much of what I envisioned doing with the Halifax Defense Complex, and since 2000, I have not been able to continue my work with the New England forts.
Digital infrared original
With both those projects either complete or on hold, there has been little to focus my architectural images on, so architecture has played a relatively small role in my work over the past six years. Occasionally, I come across spaces that catch my attention, and call out to be photographed.
Digital infrared original
While waiting to meet a model, I was driving through central Halifax, and came across a new building on the Dalhousie University Campus. One side effect of not having lived in Halifax for three years is that many of the new constructions really pop out to my eyes; in this case, the main entry way to the new building was overshadowed by a high overhang with several circular windows.
Digital infrared original

In truth, I spent less than ten minutes photographing the building, but the results are really pleasing; the infrared camera worked perfectly, setting the building against a dark, dramatic sky, and focusing the images on the harsh sunlight interplaying with the bright metal columns and the round glass windows.

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