May 24, 2006

Alexandra & Liam by Natural Light

Alexandra and Liam's second day in Moncton began with a short session together, before they resumed their drive home. As the session the night before was with studio flash, we set up the futon in the kitchen by the deck doors and worked for close to an hour with the morning light diffused by the curtains.
Digital original, 6 frame stitch
The session began with almost the same approach as I'd use the second time we'd worked together (also early in the morning, though not in Moncton) with the two models lying on the futon and cuddling, but unlike that session, we had side lighting, which lead to a totally different look. Almost all the images ended up being narrow panoramas, but as that worked for the subject, I wasn't going to complain.
Digital infrared original, 8 frame stitch
The second part of the session was spent with the two models working against the wall by the window - switching from a prone pose, to ones more active. Initially, we started with first Alexandra, then Liam kneeling on the floor, reaching up to the other standing behind them; this was more successful with Liam than Alexandra (who was even smaller in comparison when she was kneeling), yielding one of my favorite images.
Digital infrared original, 21 frame stitch
The best photographs of the session, however came last when I had Alexandra lean into Liam, standing behind her; the light flowing across them was beautiful, and their embrace, delicately focused on their faces and hands, is just wonderful. As the final image of the session, it was perfect to end on, an embodiment of everything that I look for in an image of a couple.

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