April 29, 2006

Lisa's First Session

Lisa is, to my knowledge, the first model who has come to work with me as an alternative to getting a tattoo. While searching for a tattoo artist to work with, she came across a link to my work from a good friend's tattoo company, Permanent Ink. As a result, Lisa started to consider modeling, as opposed to a tattoo, as a way to express herself and work with her body creatively. Eventually, she reached the decision that she would work with me, and contacted me by e-mail.
Digital infrared original

After a couple of weeks of conversation online, I was due in Halifax to teach a workshop, so we made plans for a studio session.

There are many ways in which first time models work through the process of moving from fully clothed to modeling nude for the first time; Lisa fell firmly into the camp that just jumps into the pool, without even testing the water with a toe first. Ten minutes after we entered the studio, she was naked and modeling, with surprising ease and lack of stress.
Digital infrared original, 4 frame stitch
I had previously discussed with Lisa my frustration with the studio, in regards to difficulties with pose and inspiration. The warning was unnecessary; between the two of us, we worked for more than two hours, moving from idea to pose to a new idea and back again, with little time spent scratching our heads trying to think of what to do next. With studio images focusing so much on the model alone, personality is important in good studio work and Lisa brought lots of this to the session which helped guide the images.
Digital infrared original
By the end of the time we had allotted, both Lisa and I felt strongly the images would reflect the success of the session. And, to top it all off, Lisa immediately inquired about working with me again, even before she saw the results!

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