April 23, 2006

A Field Trip to Hillsborough

Digital original

The second field trip of the weekend followed close on the heels of the first, and provided me with a very similar mix of subjects. The small town of Hillsborough was once a thriving industrial community, but now only hosts a railway museum to remember its hay day. This proved to be a perfect setting for a photographic field trip, as students interested in landscape and wildlife can work with the wetland preserve at the bottom of the hill, and those more attuned to the industrial or man-made side of things can spend their time exploring the rich visuals of the railway museum.
Digital original, 12 frame stitch
I spent much of my time moving between the two locales assisting students with issues and generally providing whatever support was necessary. In addition, I did manage to spend some time photographing, alternating between macro photographs of flower, and more regimented images of the old trains and buildings. I worked in both infrared and colour, but it was a colour image which crowed the day - the last image I made, and without a doubt, the strongest result as well. As I was walking about collecting students at the end of the afternoon, I happened to walk around the back of one of the old buildings, which brought me face-to-face with a pair of old, weathered doors. There was no doubt what I had to do, and 16 images later, I had the stock material for the most magical image of the day - a beautiful, perspectively correct assembled stitch of the doors!
Digital original

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