February 25, 2006

Alexandra & Liam in Moncton I

Digital infrared original, 7 frame stitch
When I heard that Alexandra and Liam would be passing through Moncton, and would have a chance to work with me, if I could put them up for the night, I was overjoyed. Though they arrived later in the evening, after some relaxation and tea, they were more than keen to model for a short session, before they headed to bed.
Digital infrared original, 19 frame stitch
Being well after dark, I had to use studio lighting, but I set it up to mimic my preferred back lighting, and off we went. One reason I prefer this approach is that it places the emphasis on the pose and composition, and as opposed to constantly refining and adjusting the lighting, I just worked  with what was there (as one would with natural light).
Digital infrared original
Alexandra and Liam are such a joy to work with - their comfort with modelling, and affection for each other both contribute to the strength of the images.

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