August 15, 2004

Carol's Pregnancy Documentation Continues

Digital original, 4 frames stitch
The second last planned session with Carol saw a huge change from the previous month, with the coming due date really beginning to show. By this time, our approach to the sessions was firmly established, taking about ninety minutes from start to finish. We started working with the soft even light in the front room, moving from there to a series of images on a white-sheet covered bed, and then finishing up with the images in the stairway.
Digital original
The further I get from the start of this project, the more convinced I am to the strength of time-based photographs. These images show the evolution of a pregnancy in a way that singular images could never tell, and while I am still frustrated that her pregnancy happened just after my move from Halifax, but all things consider, I think the two of us made the best of the potential offered.
Digital original

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