March 07, 2004

Kylie Returns to the Studio

Digital original

Because of how tight our schedules are, when Kylie did have time available to model, we made the most of it - three sessions in one day is not common; except when I was in Alberta with Victoria in 1999, I doubt I work three times in a day with a single model more then a couple of times a year. That being said, with access to three different settings/styles of work available, we took advantage of the possibilities.
Digital original
We started our studio session with an evolution of the semi-silhouette images I'd made with Miranda earlier; this time I was able to get closer to my intention. My first attempt with frustrated me because the background was too distinct because the flash was so bright and I needed to stop the lens down on the digital camera to a smaller aperture to compensate; this time I used a neutral density (ND) filter to reduce the depth of field. The final results were very pleasing, both from a technical perspective, with a better mix of shadows and light, and a more pleasing depth of field. I think I will continue to pursue this idea, as between the images of Miranda and this session with Kylie, I have made a number of images of this type that really jump out at me.
Digital original
Once we finished working with the painted backdrop and the strong side lighting, I changed the room around to a more traditional set-up (for me, at least), with the black backdrop and my single light to the front, providing a pleasing light for portraiture. Again, having only a single flash-head to work with was somewhat limiting but by the same token, my usual frustration with studio work was somewhat mitigated by the simplicity of the set-up - with a single light, there are only so many options.

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