January 11, 2004

Kylie Models in Available Light

The second day of working with Kylie began with a morning session in the kitchen, taking advantage of the natural light coming through the glass doors to the deck. This is similar to the spaces I worked in my Halifax home but a little dimmer, given the size of the doors. All the same, the quality of the light was very close to what I became used to in Nova Scotia.
8"x10" film
Where her first evening of modeling began in the comfort of dim candles, this session was spent in the full light of day. On some levels, it would seem that working in the full light of morning would be daunting for a new model (candles have the advantage of being a very dim, almost mysterious, illumination), the fact that the space centered around a futon covered by white sheets makes it a personal, comfortable space.
Digital original
Among the greatest challenges of indoor work is the emphasis it places on the posing, either from the model or me. Given Kylie's inexperience, I had expected to have to provide a lot of guidance to her in regards to posing, but more and more during the session, she was proposing more and more possibilities and poses.
Digital original
Easily more than half of the poses we worked with during the morning session were proposed by Kylie. With the exception of minor adjustments (point your fingers, turn your face a little) most of these ended up being quite successful. This only serves to emphasize the importance of the model's involvement in the process - if Kylie was only responding to directions and instructions from me, a good number of the best images we made would never have happened, and even those which I suggested were modified by the model - taken from me as possibilities, and made into her own poses.

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