August 04, 2003

Ingrid and a Skull

Digital original

As it came to pass, the woodland Nudes at the end of the water session were not the last images of the day. After dropping off Miranda, I went and hung out at Ingrid's apartment for a while - and while I was there, her collection of skulls caught my eye. Knowing that I wouldn't be back in Halifax for a while, I asked if Ingrid would like to do some images with the skulls before I headed home.

Her response was more enthusiastic then I could have anticipated. "This skull" she said, taking down the horse skull "is my most prized possession . Of everything I own, I treasure this the most". She'd found the skull in Newfoundland as a child and had had it ever since.
Digital original, 9 frame stitch
The session flowed incredibly well, with Ingrid combining her natural ability to find a pose with her obvious comfort (and almost affection) for the skulls. Because of her lack of interest in working inside, this was only the second time I've worked with Ingrid indoors (the first time was the second time we worked together), but like the first time (which was with Victoria), she had something to respond to, and so the session had a natural focus.
Digital original
At the end of the day (when the light had grown too dim), I was left with a number of vibrant images dancing around in my head. We did the best we could with the setting (her bedroom was pretty small, and the bedspread quite colourful), and came away with some beautiful images, but I am left wondering how much stronger they could be if we had a full studio to work with. Perhaps sometime in the fall, if I can make it back to Halifax, I'll be able to revisit these ideas in the studio, and take the striking beginnings we made today to polished fruition.

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