June 23, 2003

Rocks at Pennant Point

8"x10" film
The granite bedrock of Nova Scotia has been the backdrop for many of my figure images, but it is less and less common these days for me to go out and just photograph the rocks. This is due to the combination of the difficulty of transportation, and the reality that if I have a model available to work with, I will always chose that option, as rocks will be in the same place on another day.
8"x10" film
On this particular day, I was accompanying Miles, who was working with a model. It was foggy at the coast, but as the day was sunny and hot inland, the fog was a welcome. The change of pace dictated by the static nature of rocks was wonderful to play with - the first image I made took more then 20 minutes to compose and expose, and the other handful of images took the same or more time, partly because they were well considered compositions, and partly because I was reveling in the freedom to work slowly.

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