May 19, 2003

Ingrid Returns!

Digital original
When Ingrid moved out to the west coast of Canada in 1999, I felt like a body of work we'd been developing for over a year was abruptly cut off. With some models (R_and Claire come to mind), there was a flow to evolution of the imagery and, for what ever reason, when the work came to a conclusion (because of a move abroad or the passing of the seasons), it was a natural completion, and had a sense of closure. With Ingrid, however, she left rather suddenly in the summer of 1999, and I wasn't sure when she'd return. This was frustrating to deal with, given how striking a model she is and how much fun I enjoy spending time with her. I was very pleased when I learned she was returning to Halifax.
Digital original, 8 image stitch
This session also marked my first extensive use of multi-image stitching. While the EOS 10D's 6.3 megapixel resolution is more then adequate for many applications, I view it as something of a limitation, and therefore have been experimenting with stitching together multiple frames to make larger images (effectively increasing the camera's resolution). While this puts more demand upon my time in post processing, after this session's results, I know that I will be using this approach more and more as my work evolves.
Digital original
My first session with Ingrid was short, limited by both her time and mine. Sticking to a familiar location, we headed to York Redoubt and, because of the time limit, I brought only the digital camera. This proved a good decision, both in terms of a sensible use of the time available, and the fact it permitted her to view the work we created in process. This helped quickly establish the rapport we'd had before her departure.

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