May 20, 2003

Christina Models Outdoors

Digital original, 16 image stitch
My favourite image from the session, to the above right, was one of the most spontaneous of the session; I asked Christina to relax for a bit, as I had to download some digital images, and reload the Fuji 6x9 camera. When I looked around after finishing, Christina was leaning against the sill, looking down at her belly. I asked her not to move, and proceeded to make a series of images, both on film and with the digital camera, from a couple of different angles. In the end, the most striking composition was the first one, made from where I was standing when I glanced at her. The final digital image is a composite of 16 images, which brings the resolution of the photograph to a quality that is more then enough for any size I eventually decide to print.
Digital original
The session went quite well, working with the diffused light from the large windows and doorways. I've always loved the soft directional quality of window light, and in Spion Copp, it surrounds the models, providing rich light from almost every direction. Most of the session was spent with Christina standing near windows, and my exploring the light's revelation of her pregnant body.
Digital original
I had hoped to work with Christina in a landscape setting, but the weather was still a little cool and damp, so we decided to head to Spion Copp, and work in the abandoned military buildings there. Because the session was short, I opted to take the EOS 10D digital camera and the Fuji 6x9 rangefinder to work with; I knew I'd miss the 8"x10" camera, but it wasn't practical given Christina's tight schedule.

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