August 14, 2002

Miranda in the Ocean at Sunset (Maartinique Beach, Nova Scotia)

As the sun descended in the sky, the wind dropped, so Miranda and I walked around the backside of Martinique Beach, just to see if the water was workable for nudes. Miranda stuck her toe in, declared it warm enough, and we set to work. Because of the swiftly changing light, I took all my gear with me into the water - if I'd had to return to dry land the change lenses, we would have lost too much time, and with the light failing as swiftly as it was, this was one thing I wished to avoid.
6x7cm film
As I had hoped, the light levels were low enough to permit long exposures - between two and eight seconds. Because the wind was low, and we were on the back of the beach, the water was only
lightly rippling, Miranda had little problem keeping still in the water during the making of the images.
6x7cm film
The biggest problem of the session was finding poses that worked. We had to work low to the water's surface for the look I was after, and we quickly discovered that the only angle that worked was with her body parallel to the camera. With the light dropping rapidly (decreasing as much as 50% in five minutes) Miranda and I had to work as fast as we could just to make what could be recorded. By the time the light had faded to a point where it was too dark to work, Miranda was pretty chilled, and ready to come out. The session was over, but I felt strongly we had achieved what I was looking for.
6x7cm film, two frame stitch
About the only question I have about the session was in regards to my decision not to use colour film. I had colour film with me, but decided that switching between the two films would have cost me too much time. Also, with the bright scarlet of the sky reflected in the water, I felt that overall the images would have been too red, and been next to unprintable.

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