July 07, 2002

Fern & L_ Model Together for a Digital Test (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

The second part of the session was spent working with L_ and her sister, Fern. After our first session together in March, I was eager to build upon those first images, and see what could come of a session where the dying of the light wasn't a factor.
Digital original
With the white sheets as the setting, I chose to work with both models lying on the bed; this created a strong landscape flow to their bodies but also insured that the light would cascade across them. With such a strong contrast between the sheets themselves, it was important to get as much light as possible on the models or else they would look too dark against the surrounding sheets.

Once I set up where the models would be working, most of the rest of the session was spent either responding to the two models interactions, or providing suggestions for poses (mostly, "L_, how about if you rolled over while Fern stays where she is" and the like); both worked well, and there was no shortage of inspiration.
Digital original
Because of the similarity of the two models' faces (they are sisters, after all), I spent a good amount of time working with portraits, either playing up the similarities, or just taking advantage of both models' comfort with the camera. In the end, probably two-thirds of the images from the session were portraits, certainly not unusual for an indoor session, but a little more unique given how similar Fern and L_ look.
Digital original
As with the first part of the session, there was no issue in regards to the session being created
using a Canon D60; the only real issue was having to download the 256 mb memory cards as they
filled up - over the three hours between the two sessions, I downloaded to my computer more
then ten times using a card reader, generating more than 3GB of files of the two models.

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