May 28, 2002

Workshop Day 3 (Prospect, Nova Scotia)

The last day of the workshop was with at one of my favourite locations in Nova Scotia; Prospect has
served to provide me with some of the richest and most beautiful images of the Nude to date. This,
together with the simple pleasure of working in such a beautiful space, made it the perfect place to close the final day of the workshop. Ironically, while I've worked many times at Prospect, this was Victoria's first session at this location.
6x9 cm negative

As with the previous day, I'd brought the 8"x10" camera as my main imaging tool. While the student, using small and medium format cameras, worked at a more rapid pace with Victoria, I proceeded at a slower pace, setting up compositions, and then borrowing Victoria to complete the images as necessary. In between these more considered images, I sketched with my medium format Fuji 6x9 camera, working in both colour and black and white, as the images demanded. The results from both cameras were more than pleasing,
8"x10" film
I often use smaller, more portable cameras to explore possibilities before moving in with the view camera, but for this session, I reversed the process, following my intuition with my primary camera. The difference between the two approaches is subtle, but pursuing the first perception with the larger, more demanding camera, kept the session focused
4"x10" film
The biggest influence of the workshop on my work for the day was the distraction factor; while I am used to working with assistants and others around, the constant division of my attention between the student and my own images took its toll, not on the images themselves, but on the process - the day was riddled with minor errors and mistakes. All this aside, the three-day workshop provided my with lessons, as well as the student.

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