May 27, 2002

A Workshop - Day 2 Part I (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

6x9 cm negative
The second day of the workshop had two models, Carol and Victoria; the idea was to give the student more time to work independently, and also to give his the opportunity to work with two models at once, a challenging task at the best of times.
8"x10" film
Though the models had never worked together before, there was an instant rapport and comfort between them, which only helped the process along. Unlike the first day, this session saw me working with the 8"x10" camera - I'd left the larger camera home the previous afternoon, in favour of the smaller, more portable Mamiya RB. The choice proved to be a good one, as the slower pace of the day suited the larger format, and between the 8"x10" camera and my Fuji 6x9 rangefinder, there weren't any images I wanted to make but couldn't.
8"x10" film
The most enjoyable part of the session for me was the chance to try a new (and free) tool for the 8"X10" camera - a 4"x10" panoramic adapter. Made from a dark slide cut in half, the panoramic
adapter permits me to make two narrow images on a single sheet of film. I was somewhat dubious that the approach would work, so the workshop seemed the perfect time to test it; the emphasis was less on making new images then it was in providing insight into process and support for image making. As it turned out, the adapter worked wonderfully, providing me with a number of images which would have otherwise have had too much dead space around them. Given that one of my biggest frustrations with 8"x10" images is the almost square shape of the negative, being able to make strong, graphic horizontals (or verticals) expands further on an already flexible tool.
4"x10" film

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