October 07, 2001

Three Models Pose Together (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

As R_'s main reason to come to Halifax was to work with other models, our session with the 8"x10" camera came to a close with the arrival of Miles and J_. The plan was to spend the best of the morning light working with R_ and one or the other of the additional models, and continue to build on the previous evening's work.
6x7 cm film
Because of the limited time we had to work together, I had decided to use small and medium format cameras for the session, trading off all the advantages I describe above in favour of the ability to make the most of the session's possibilities. With enough light, I could easily have worked with the 8"x10" camera, but I was worried that with the lower light levels of the natural setting, I wouldn't be able to get enough depth of field to make the images successful.
6x7 cm film
The images of R_ modeling with Miles and J_, both individually, and then all three models together, had much in common with the images from the session with R_ and Miranda. Much of the effort of the session was put into generating the poses, with the actual image-making being the secondary stage of the process. This came as less of a surprise then it had the day before, and as a result, there was somewhat more of a focus to the session as a whole, with more of a structure imposed on it by myself.
6x7 cm film
Probably the most engaging and inspiring images from the session were the images of the three models together. I hadn't any idea of how this would work (or even if it would happen), but as soon as I saw the three models lying together, lit softly by the window, I knew I had an image that met what I was seeking - that particular blend of intimacy, sensuality and beauty that is ever elusive, but always seems to creep into my work when all the elements come together in the right proportions.

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